Flight of the Fireflies

Basic facts

Created by
Jonathan Hise Kaldma
Based in Stockholm, Sweden
Release date
January 30, 2012
iPad (App Store)
28 SEK


Flight of the Fireflies is an interactive musical poem where you guide a swarm of musical fireflies into the countryside. It is an experiment to see how much you can take the game out of a game, but still create a compelling experience. There is no competition, goals, rewards, winning or losing. Instead, it is simply about having an experience.

Flight of the Fireflies uses music and photography in ways not normally done in games. The music is generated dynamically while you play. Each firefly plays a separate tone, and as you collect more fireflies the music becomes more complex. The environments are made from photographs taken in and around Stockholm, Sweden. They all portray things – forests, park benches, trainyards, fields – that capture a certain Swedish melancholia. Taken together, the music and photographs not only tell the story of the fireflies' journey, but also of the feelings that we all go through as we step into the unknown.





Jonathan Hise Kaldma
Concept, interaction, visuals, code, music, sound

Jonathan Hise Kaldma is an interaction artist and game designer residing in Stockholm, Sweden. He creates interactive experiences that explore the boundaries of video games as an artistic medium.

He is an active participant in the notgames initiative.